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Gemstones effect and meaning: An overview of the knowledge about the healing effect, mode of action, zodiac signs from amethyst to rose quartz or gemstone water.

Meaning of the healing stones
The meaning of the word healing stone relates to the teaching of stone healing that certain stones have the ability to have a healing effect on people or living beings. Because the healing stone theory is based on the fact that energy emanates from every object in the world. This can be proven in the electromagnetic radiation that every object emits, be it plants, animals, people or inanimate objects, such as Stones.

The energy, in the form of heat, food, and light, which all these objects absorb, they get from their environment. Living objects can filter this energy, they can i. d. Usually you can determine which energy you absorb. Inanimate objects like stones cannot. They are at the mercy of their environment and absorb all the energy from their surroundings. Because stones grow through external conditions, from the inside out. In their appearance they are an exact image of the energy that has acted on them. This can be used as an advantage in the healing stone doctrine, because in this way the stone conserves this energy supplied to it. She is z. T. billions of years old.t.

How does the energy in the healing stone affect us? You have to explain what energy is basically. Energy, like light and heat, is a specific sequence of electromagnetic waves. It can be seen as light or heard as radio frequency, but there are other areas of this spectrum that humans cannot perceive directly, such as Ultraviolet light, radioactivity, etc..

The specific frequency or oscillation of these forms of energy, however, gives us permanent information. Stones also send certain frequencies, which means that they transmit information to us. This information, which is unique in every stone, affects us. Because like every object in the world, we are also receptive to energy. This is about the so-called cosmic energy or life energy. You can find out how this principle works at Heilsteine & amp; Chakras.

However, not every stone has a healing effect on people. Healing stones are stones whose special effect has been tried and passed down by people for centuries. It is not yet clear why some stones have an effect, but others do not. However, stone healing explains the effect of healing stones in various characteristics that many stones, especially stone types, cannot show. These include the mineral class, the crystal structure, the origin and the color of a gemstone. You can find out how these individual properties of the healing stones work under healing effects.

In summary, one can therefore say that healing stones, be it precious stones or gemstones, can have a special effect on us due to their unique properties. If you use this energy in a targeted manner by making healing stone applications or combining it with other gemstone therapies or with the chakras, then the healing stone can unfold its effect on us particularly well.

You can find more information about the individual gemstones in our extensive gemstone dictionary with the meaning and effect of over 380 healing stones.

Resonance of the healing stones with the chakras
The human being consists of seven energy fields or seven energy bodies. In addition to the physical body, there are also the etheric, emotional, mental, causal, wisdom, celestial and spirit-light bodies. This torso is also called the human aura. It flows through our mind and soul. The energy bodies are fed from the universal life energy that surrounds us. The energy flows circularly through the energy torso. We cannot live without this life energy. The better and more intensely it flows through us, the healthier, stronger and more alert we live. The central switching centers of this energy exchange are our energy centers, the so-called chakras. Depending on the philosophy, one can count 7 or 9 main chakras. Each chakra has an individual vibration or frequency range, over which the soul communication mainly takes place. These frequencies are extremely high and cannot be measured with our instruments. According to the resonance principle, however, certain lower vibrations also go into resonance with these high vibrations. And this applies in a special way to the special vibrations of the precious stones. Depending on the gemstone and its properties, it resonates with the chakras. Above a certain quality or resonance strength, there is an interaction that can have an extremely positive effect on the respective chakra and the associated human energy body. The vibration of the gemstone stimulates the chakras and energy bodies to find their way back to their original, healthy vibration matrix. This allows energetic blockages of all kinds to be released mentally, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually / karmically and the flow of energy is triggered again. This also has positive repercussions on the physical body and it is not uncommon for illnesses and problems to be cured or alleviated. In a broader sense, every healing means finding your way back to the healthy energy structure within us. Healing stones can be of particular help to us. sein.

So the essential thing is the stones' potential to pass information on to us. Information that the stone has absorbed and stored in the form of vibrations during its formation and existence, usually over millions of years. The quality of the information depends on various factors that make up a healing stone:

special history of origin, age, region, type of origin,),
individual color or colors rainbow spectrum and resonance with the chakras,),
Mineral grade,
Crystal structure,
Mixtures and inclusions,
Shape rough stone, tumbled stone, cut, disc etc.).
These four properties can be broken down into smaller units, each of which can have a special effect on us. Healing stones are made up of a combination of all of these factors. Which effect the stone particularly emphasizes, however, is due to the weighting of the properties in the respective healing stone.

Healing effect compared to other resonance agents
Before we go into the individual properties, however, the question arises why, of all things, gemstones have such a strong interaction with our chakras and energy fields.

First of all, it should be said that there are other strong information carriers and means of resonance that also have a strong, albeit different, effect. The means of resonance and thus remedies at a glance are:

Natural light and its colors rainbow colors,),
natural fragrances aromatherapy, medicinal herbs, especially essential oils,),
Natural sounds and rhythms and especially singing bowls,
natural foods, especially energetically rich foods such as Bee pollen, raw vegetables, fresh spring water and many medicinal herbs such as lavender, green tea, thyme etc..)
Nature in general, especially the sea and mountains, also trees and fresh airt)
Gemstones / healing stones,
„Spiritual healing..
Each of the above categories has its specific weaknesses and strengths and preferred areas of application in healing work. The special areas of application of the healing stones are above all:

especially effective for certain mental problems,
very suitable for longer applications necklace, bracelet, carry in your pocket,),
generally supportive with all illnesses, problems and energetic developments,
very good complement to all other remedies.
Medicinal properties and colors
The color of a gemstone is a very important guide when it comes to its healing properties. Each chakra is assigned a certain range of chakra colors. The chakras can in turn be assigned to the energy bodies and certain organs of the physical body, psychological and spiritual issues. As a result, the color and pattern of the gemstone gives the knowledgeable therapist numerous hints about its areas of application.e.

Another interesting aspect about color is that many people choose their personal healing stone based on its appearance, and in doing so they are often guided by intuition soul. Often this is also expressed in the choice of favorite color, which has a certain meaning. Often patterns can also be seen. People who e.g. Longing for more passion and sensuality, prefer red or orange stones from the root chakra to the sacral chakra. People who, on the other hand, need clarity, calm and inspiration, prefer blue gemstones from throat chakra to nasal root chakra. The color corresponds exactly to the vibrational resonance that the body or soul lacks. For more details, see the meaning of the gemstone colors. The same applies to all other blockages or discrepancies in the chakras.n Chakren.

Here is an overview of the most important healing effects of the colors:

Yellow and gold: The colors yellow and gold have a particularly good physical effect on the digestive organs such as the stomach, pancreas or spleen. They are colors that activate and cheer up and therefore have a life-affirming effect, especially in depressed people.
Orange: Orange also affects digestion, but here more in the small intestine. It has a positive effect on the mind, because it stimulates sociability and gives optimism and joie de vivre.
Red: Red has a strong effect on the circulatory system, it literally gets the blood flowing and thus stimulates the body to become active. Its visual proximity to fire ensures that it is also perceived as warming. On a mental level it is a symbol of passion, eroticism, but also hatred.
Braun: Braun can also relax, but sharpen the senses in the process. It is a color for strength and stability, which allows all the senses to gather. It has a special effect on tissue growth.
Green: This color also has a calming effect on the body. It stimulates the organs for detoxification, liver and bile. Mentally it has a harmonizing effect and gives energy for new deeds.
Blue: Blue has a cooling and calming effect. It stimulates the kidneys and bladder and regulates the hormonal balance. It helps with fears and strengthens creativity and honesty.
Purple: This color has a particular effect on the brain, nerves, the skin, as well as the lungs and colon. It is a color of inspiration, mysticism, sadness and willingness to make sacrifices, but also extravagance and serenity.
Pink: Pink has a calming effect, especially on the heart. It makes people peaceful, but also makes them more receptive to feelings and moods.
Silver and white: these colors are particularly effective on a spiritual level. They stabilize because they make what is already available and show knowledge that has already been gained. They give clarity and decision-making power.
Colorful and shimmering: These colors also have a primary effect on the psyche. Because with their individual color mixture they bring joy of life, creativity and can be used ideally for distraction, in order to come to other thoughts.
Black: Black, on the other hand, has exactly the opposite effect, because it concentrates and calms the central nervous system. It absorbs everything around him and catches excited thoughts or guides them in one direction. It creates more common sense in very emotional people.
Healing effect depending on the origin
Many conditions are necessary for a gemstone to be created. There are detailed physical and chemical processes that usually extend over a long period of time. Each process has its own potential for impact. Further details on the formation of gemstones play an important role.

Stone healing distinguishes the effects according to three types of development, so-called educational principles:

Gemstones that were created in magma or in magmatic solutions, the primary educational principle, have a particular effect on learning processes, the development of character traits and hidden potential. There are stones that go particularly well with new beginnings. Because they activate and motivate. They are the ideal helper for starting difficulties.n.
Gemstones that were formed by deposition and weathering, secondary formation principle, are characterized by perseverance and toughness. They therefore work particularly well on established patterns or faulty physical and mental processes. Because they help to make people aware of the bigger picture and promote the constant striving for improvement and development.g.
Gemstones that are formed by external influences from rock transformations tertiary educational principle, have a positive effect on changes. They can help to dare to try something new, change one's personality and dissolve existing processes. They open up new paths, give courage to leave the past behind and take freedom.n.
Medicinal effects of the mineral classes
However, gemstones can also be divided into action groups based on their mineral classes:

Elements such as Gold, diamonds: The gemstones of this mineral class help to find one's inner balance and to strengthen one's personality, showing potential and creating clarity.
Sulfides, e.g. Pyrite: The healing stones of this class reveal hidden things in the subconscious, which can solve problems and fulfill hidden dreams.
Halides, e.g. Fluorite: They have a positive effect on the desire for freedom and give the feeling of freedom and freedom of choice.
Oxides, e.g. Corundum, magnetite: These stones help to achieve more stability and duration in life without having to forego the love of life, but rather they make you active and lively.
Carbonates, e.g. Azurite, malachite, aragonite, dolomite: the gemstones in this mineral class bring uncertainty and fickleness into harmony. They revive suppressed feelings and thus ensure that false compromises are exposed.
Sulphates: Healing stones of this class help that processes damaging to the body and mind are suppressed, which also protects against stress and overload.
Phosphates, e.g. Turquoise: These healing stones promote hidden reserves and accelerate growth. They also ensure that the acid-base balance in the body is balanced.
Silicates: These minerals differ greatly in their shape, which means that they work separately in their various crystal lattices. The effect of these silicates is so different that the minerals should be considered individually. You can find out more about the individual gemstones in the gemstone dictionary.
Healing effect of the crystal structure
The effect of the crystal system of a gemstone is also divided into the eight forms that a crystal can take. Because every crystal system also conveys a spiritual pattern in stone healing that can match the respective person.

The crystal structures and their effect here in detail:

Cubic crystal system: The cube has a particular effect on a very orderly lifestyle. People with a strong need for security are particularly attracted to it.
Hexagonal crystal system: The basic structure here is the hexagon. It supports determination, ambition and effectiveness.
Trigonal crystal system: This system primarily appeals to patient and comfortable people, whose goal is to achieve satisfaction and serenity.
Tetragonal crystal system: This rectangular basic structure has a positive effect on curious people and their urge to research.
Rhombic crystal system: The diamond of this crystal system is determined by rapid change. It supports the desire for belonging and a goal-oriented lifestyle.
Monoclinic crystal system: Parallelograms, which form the basic structure of this system, have an effect on dynamic people who act on their gut instinct.
Triclinic crystal system: basic structure trapezoid. It is for people who are looking for extremes and act impulsively. They are usually very emotional and believe in fate.
Amorphous stones: These stones do not have a crystal structure. They affect unstable, but also independent people who love freedom and want to experience everything intensely.
In conclusion, however, it should be mentioned that although a gemstone could work particularly well in a certain way due to the various characteristics, the most effective healing effect can only be discovered through experience. This experience was passed down in stone healing. The most important healing effects of the healing stones could be collected in this way. You can find out more about the individual healing stones and their most important healing effects in the gemstone dictionary.

Gemstones and chakras
The teaching of the chakras describes special parts of the body which, as energy centers, have an influence on general well-being and personal development. If you place gemstones with a targeted effect on these parts of the body, the potential of these healing stones is particularly high. Stone healing makes use of this. Different gemstones can be assigned to each chakra.

Stone healing
Stone healing deals with the knowledge of the healing powers of gemstones, which has been observed in different cultures for thousands of years. Whether in Ayurveda, in traditional Chinese medicine, ancient Egypt or in the Middle Ages, the healing stones and their effects have been described many times.

Hildegard von Bingen precious stones
The healing stones of Hildegard von Bingen, who lived in the Middle Ages and wrote many writings on healing stones and stone healing, are still known today in their effect and are of great importance. The 24 healing stones of Hildegard von Bingen, such as amethyst, rock crystal, etc. v. m. support the body as well as the soul.

Gem therapy
In stone healing there is not just one form of gemstone therapy, but also a multitude of very different options. There is gemstone therapy in connection with Bach flowers, with Reiki, with kinesiology or very traditionally for use as gemstone water or when laying on.

Healing Stone Lexicon
Our gemstone lexicon includes more than 380 healing stones with comprehensive information about their meaning, the healing effect on the body and psyche and the appropriate applications, such as Gemstone water. There is also more information about the associated chakras, the zodiac signs and much more.

Zodiac healing stones
Healing stones can also be very well associated with the signs of the zodiac, because they act on the energy of the stars and can influence it. Healing stones can thus be used specifically and assigned to the zodiac signs. You can find out more about this topic in our Gemstones Star Sign section.